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About Kyusa

Imagine a Uganda where youth in low income communities have access to opportunities and information that empowers them to grow holistically, become financially independent and live sustainable lives — this is our vision, and our purpose is to improve the quality of life for youth at the margins of society through entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to stimulate job creation by identifying and empowering entrepreneurial youth to turn their passions into profitable and sustainable enterprises.

Our work is focused on supporting youth-led businesses sitting at the margins of society.  

Kyusa has two core programs to help youth-led, in-crisis businesses succeed

Our incubator and micro-grant programs are designed to help micro and small businesses, led by Uganda’s youth between 15-30 years old succeed. 

These programs are subsidized by our work across the broader ecosystem.

 We support larger, well-established businesses and entrepreneurs through profit-generating leadership coaching and business training.

With a declining job market, entrepreneurship is often the only option for today’s young people living in  low-income communities of Uganda, including urban slums, rural areas, and refugee camps.  Yet the survival rate of these ventures is low because young entrepreneurs lack the skills, training, connections and support to build viable and sustainable businesses.  For many of these businesses the only thing standing in their way is the right mentor or training. Others need support acquiring the tools and assets to run a profitable business. And for many, financial success is just $50 away.  Kyusa is advancing opportunities for youth at the margins of society – – and making a difference in their lives, and in our communities most in need.