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About Kyusa

Kyusa supports early start-up entrepreneurs in low income communities such as urban slums, rural areas and refugee camps. We support the creation, improve the survival rate and accelerate the growth of micro and small enterprises (MSE). We provide business support services that enable entrepreneurs develop personal skills, business competencies, support networks and access to market opportunities.

Our mission is to stimulate job creation by identifying and empowering entrepreneurial youth to turn their passions into profitable, scalable and sustainable enterprises. We provide leadership and business development support services that enable young people to successfully start and grow their businesses.


Youth in low income communities having access to opportunities as well as information that empowers them to grow holistically, become financially independent and live sustainable lives.


Provide capacity building, leadership and business development support that empowers out of school youth to successfully start and grow sustainable businesses.

Our Goal:

Support a minimum of 500 youth annually to successfully start and grow their businesses with an 80% survival success rate of up to three years.

Our Core Values:

Compassion: To see every person we encounter first as a human being with dignity and to empathize in ways that move us into positive action.

Optimism: To see the good in every situation, to dare to dream amidst defeating circumstances and to have the courage to always rise above fear.

Resilience: The audacity to rise again after every fall and the resolve to never quit no matter how tough the going gets.

Efficiency: The commitment to make the most of what we have so as to produce at our highest ability in ways that serve the interests of our customer.

Our strategy:

Capacity building: To nurture the holistic development of youth at the margins of society so they can favourably compete with their peers by leveraging their passions, personal strength and market opportunities to thrive.

Adaptive leadership: Equip youth to become agile problem solvers both at a personal and community level with the ability to learn at the edge while providing peer leadership that unlocks potential of communities to thrive.

Business development: Support out of school youth to successfully start and grow profitable, scalable and sustainable business that not only benefit them but also provide jobs for their peers while solving societal challenges.


  1. Equip youth to turn their passions into profitable, scalable and sustainable businesses.
  2. Support micro and small businesses to survive mortality so as to scale
  3. Empower youth to become adaptive peer leaders committed to solving societal challenges
  4. Foster holistic development among youth at the margins that enables them to live sustainable lives thus thrive.

Target Group

Kyusa works with both males and females between the ages of 15 – 30 years. The youth we work with are mainly out of school and are unemployed. They come from low income families while others are teenage mothers seeking to make a living for themselves and their babies. We also work with youth in refugee camps and former street children being rehabilitated to be resettled into communities.