Supported to mobilise resources

I am Ssaava the co-founder of Tukole Arts Culture Inspiration Centre , with Gessa Sophie my life partner and co-founder. We deal with arts and crafts, we organise workshops, train street kids, rehabilitate them, and provide them with livelihood skills thus enabling them thrive in life. 

Through the social enterprise aspect of our organization, we restore hope to vulnerable youth and women through skills development that can enable them earn a living. The business side of our organization is constantly growing, a significant growth is the shop we have now, we didn’t have a shop before. After the Kyusa training, emphasis was placed on securing a shop which we have achieved among other goals we set out to accomplish. 

We have received so much help from Kyusa in the area of business development, strategic planning and proposal writing. We recently received our first grant from The Pollination Projects and Kyusa supported us all through the proposal writing process. This is the beginning of many more milestones we are yet to celebrate with Kyusa.