A side business has improved my quality of life.


This is Nakayovu Salima, a mother of two staying on the main island of Kalangala, she owns a fresh vegetable stall. Nakayovu started as an employee of someone who owns a shoe stall at the same place where she started her business. After KYUSA came in with the Business Plus ICT program, she enrolled and discovered her passion of starting a business can come to life. She identified that the shoe business was not moving on well and yet there was a free space where she could operate her fresh vegetable stall while attending to the employer’s shoe business.

In her own words

“I attended a two-week business training where I learnt to be responsible for my future and how I can own and sustain a business. Kyusa helped me a lot to explore available business options and now I have started my own business where I deal in items like Charcoal, Onions, Tomatoes, mangoes, passion fruits, cassava Matooke, cabbages and many other foodstuffs. After the training, I discovered the various opportunities that were available (free space) for my business success. I discovered that I could share the same customers with my employer and they could purchase more from me than him. I encourage all other Youth to participate in the program because you cannot remain the same after the training and it’s free of charge. Appreciations to KYUSA.”


We at Kyusa, are committed to continuing to support the youth in their businesses, Through our Community Leaders program, we keep track of all those businesses through our one-on-one follow-up strategy with the intention to extend additional support such as tracking bookkeeping and assessing how they are progressing towards their set goals. Our goal is to support more small businesses towards scale so they can create more job opportunities for youth.