Understanding revenue models informed my investment decisions.


Namuwonge Ruth runs a tailoring business on the islands of Kalangala. She owns two sewing machines that she uses to run her business activities. Although Namuwonge had been in business for some time, she didn’t know the various income models that were available to her business and had difficulty making certain business decisions. Through the Kyusa Business Plus ICT program, she identified several revenue streams for her business and this strategically positioned her to grow her business revenue.

In her own words…

“When I heard about the Kyusa program that is empowering the youth, especially women in business, I decided to participate. I knew that I generate income from tailoring, but through the business training, I have realized that my income comes from Machine hiring (lending out my machine at a fee to other tailors), clothes repair, and the sale of African fabric. They also taught us about record keeping, through these records am now able to identify where I should invest more money and resources.  I appreciate Kyusa for helping me know this vital information.”


At Kyusa, we are committed to empowering at least 70% of women in all our program activities. Women like Ruth make up the biggest component of the economic base in Uganda and it is almost impossible to achieve economic development without involving women.  When we empower women, we not only improve the quality of life for households but communities as a whole.