Digital Marketing Hacks for 2022 Business Success

By Charity Kamusiime Asiimwe

Regardless of the organization size, small, big, or simply a start-up; established or otherwise, marketing never stops evolving. The evolution is an opportunity for organizations to step into new horizons of success –only if they step in and step right. In my 2022, these are the tips I wish for you to take into consideration for your next marvel.

  1. Treat your First-Party Data as your gem 

You have probably had the word “cookies” more often in the digital journey than you did two years ago. Cookies are “small text files stored in a web user’s directory or data folder” (BigCommerce, 2022) – advertisers use cookies to collect customer data. As data privacy becomes a concern for marketers, 3rd party data collection is now swaying in history. Safari and Firefox have already banned website cookies; Google will in 2023, scrap cookies from Chrome which is about 70% market share.

If you have an eCommerce, a CRM platform, have made some surveys, or gathered, read customer feedback – hold that data tightly, it is your gem because you own it, but also is your blueprint for that customer you are relevant to. Your engagement strategies should now be aligned with this. This data is a gem because it gives you an opportunity to every insight into your customers’ behaviour for tailored content, and prediction of their behaviour for the right offerings for great MROI (Marketing Return on Investment). 

  1. Machine learning for paid media 

Heard of Google’s “Maximise Conversions bid strategy”? Google is able to use your historical campaign and budget information to automatically optimize bids. Machine learning has made it smarter with keyword bidding – goodbyes to guess bidding, we can now advertise knowing we have it all optimized. 

  1. A personalised customer experience 

We each love to feel special to someone or some company. Forbes (2022) confirms that a customer who receives a more tailored product or service is more likely to purchase with 2 in 3 customers expecting a seller to understand their unique needs and expectations – are you as a company ready to offer a personalized touch to your customer now that machine learning has got all the insights for you? Do you know your customer journey with you, i.e. when does one get to see you/hear about you, how does one get to reach you, when do they purchase, when they purchase how do you know if they liked your service and product or otherwise? Take it all kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary – welcome them, nurture them and grow with them based on their respective needs. 

  1. Utilization of newest channels of engagement/communications 

The netizen is moving with the latest, are you? Gartner (2022) and SmartInsights (2022) have over the years predicted Video as the next most engaging media. Short-form and bite-size content is what is driving internet engagements. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels & YouTube short videos, viewer behaviour shows that it is not only the younger generations on these platforms, but the older generations have also joined the trend.

Whilst this is the case, do you know your audience well to the extent of knowing what platforms they are on? The various reports indicate that Tiktok attracts a younger audience with the majority under the age of 30 while Instagram is more diverse with users between 25 and 44 years; YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts in 2021 to fit into this demographic but is yet to be as lovable as the former. It is important to know your customer’s demography in relation to rising and new channels of interaction to be able to determine the right channel to use for relevance and resonation with your target audience. 

I believe that with the mastery of the above and comprehending your marketing objective to the core, you would be able to crack a knuckle towards your personal and business’ #stardom!