10 Tips for entrepreneurs to keep their mental health in check

In our blog last week we talked about the reasons why entrepreneurs are vulnerable to mental disorders. And today we share tips to keep your mental health in check:

Practice Self-Care

As an entrepreneur, it is important to create a practice of self-care.  Stress is part of the entrepreneurial journey and therefore should be managed. The entrepreneur needs to learn how to deal with it. Self-care looks different for each person and it is choosing behaviors that enable one to balance life out such as exercising, walking, eating healthy foods, getting quality sleep, swimming, reading, journaling and dancing. These practices work to activate and refresh the mind, body and soul.

 Share Your Struggles with other entrepreneurs

A problem shared is a problem solved is a common line used on a popular Christian radio Station in Uganda. Problems will arise in the business and life of an entrepreneur that will make you feel unworthy yet upon sharing them with others, you realize that you are not alone. Through this, you gain perspective: to connect better with others you have to practice vulnerability.  

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a must according to Koffee, a Jamaican singer in her song Toast (2018). Practicing gratitude will help improve your mental health. Have a gratitude jar where you drop a note of things you`re grateful for; or have a gratitude journal. Set aside 2-3 minutes each morning to practice gratitude.

Ask yourself: what am I grateful for this morning? Car, life, health, friends, clean air, and more.  You will come out feeling calmer and better.

 Slow Down

Even if you spent 24 hours awake you wouldn`t achieve all you want to because there is always something else to do. Learn to slow down especially when it’s busiest. Take a break and do some self-reflection and business reflection. This will centre you.

 Journal out All the feelings

Writing in any form is therapeutic. Try what Krista Walsh – Founder, Krista Walsh Copywriting does, ``free write all bad feelings and negative thoughts. . Sometimes, these thoughts were profound like, “I’m afraid I’ll never succeed because I’m just not the type who succeeds.” Other times, the thoughts were silly, like, “I’m worried that I accidentally took two vitamins yesterday instead of just one.”

We believe that what you confront doesn`t hold power over you.

Stay Physically Active

Create a fitness plan that works for you. It could look like you working out every morning, walking, running, cycling and swimming. Keep in motion. It is good for your mind and body.

 Zone out often

As an entrepreneur, business never stops unless you make it stop. Have strict cut-off times to deal with exhaustion and maintain your sanity. Unplug from your work and electronics. Have clear boundaries on when to stop working and be present with your family and friends, and get your social life together.

Get lost in your hobbies

Get into your other hobbies. If you like dancing, take a dance class; swim, read or ride a bicycle. Hobbies are vital as they nourish your soul.

Practice affirmations

Affirmations are declarations or statements. For example, say to yourself each morning or during the day: I am a great leader.

I am worthy

I am valued

I have highly sought value. 

These affirmations will centre you and build your confidence. 

Try therapy

Therapy is healthy and should be embraced. Find a therapist with who you can build a relationship with over time. They will help you process your feelings towards yourself, work, and life in general. This will give you a better perspective on life. You will work better.