A single mother of two feels confident about growing her business


Maria Nanyonga is a single mother of two who runs a successful tailoring business in Kimanya, a peri-urban area. With four years of experience under her belt, Maria has faced her fair share of challenges, but the biggest one has been a lack of customers. Despite her passion for tailoring, which stems from being brought up by her aunt who was a tailor, Maria was struggling to find the root cause of the problem. That’s why when she heard about the Kyusa training, she welcomed it with open arms, eager to find a solution to her biggest challenge.

In her own words…

“Kyusa has been a life-changing program for me and my business. I was a single mother trying to make ends meet when I started a tailoring business after receiving a sewing machine from a generous family. However, my business was struggling due to my lack of creativity and unorganized workspace.

That all changed when I attended the Kyusa training. The program taught me the importance of keeping up with customer preferences and staying organized. I enrolled in an evening program to improve my fashion and design skills and the results were incredible. My customers returned and my business flourished.

Kyusa has truly redeemed my business. I can now say with confidence that I run a clean and organized workspace with an emphasis on the latest fashion designs. The income from my business has increased, and I am truly grateful for the impact Kyusa has had on my life.

To anyone struggling with their business, I highly recommend signing up for the Kyusa training. The results will be incredible and will change your life for the better.


In conclusion, the impact of the Kyusa program on Maria’s life and business has been nothing short of transformative. From facing challenges and struggling to keep her business afloat, Maria has now emerged as a confident and successful entrepreneur, offering the latest fashion designs and providing exceptional customer service. The training has provided her with the skills and tools she needs to thrive and achieve her business goals. Kyusa has been a blessing in disguise, redeeming her business and providing her with the support and guidance she needed. I highly recommend Kyusa to anyone looking to improve their business and take their success to the next level.