From Struggling to Thriving: How Kyusa Empowered My Second-Hand Clothing Business


Leah Nakhumicha is a businesswoman who sells second-hand clothes in the main market of Tororo district. With a business started in 2021, she faced challenges on pricing her clothes and identifying her target customers. When approached by KYUSA, a business training program focused on young entrepreneurs, Leah welcomed the idea and joined the program to learn more about business and ICT. Through the training, she was able to prioritize her customers’ needs and increase profits, particularly from high school girls who prefer her products. Leah also learned to create a vision, mission, and goals for her business, recognizing their importance in its growth and expansion.


In her own words …

I am Nakhumicha Leah, a successful second-hand clothing vendor in Tororo’s main market. I started my business in 2021 and faced challenges such as setting prices and identifying my target customers. When I learned about KYUSA’s business training program for young entrepreneurs, I immediately signed up.

The program helped me identify my target customers and cater to their needs effectively. I also learned the importance of having a business vision, mission, and goals. Thanks to KYUSA, I now have a clear vision for my business and I’m working hard to achieve my goals.

My increased knowledge has allowed me to prioritize my customers’ needs, resulting in increased profits. I credit KYUSA for my success and encourage other young entrepreneurs to participate in their training programs.

In conclusion, KYUSA has made a significant impact on my business and life. I am grateful for their efforts in empowering young entrepreneurs like me, and I urge others to take advantage of their programs to achieve success in their businesses.”



Kyusa’s dedication to empowering young entrepreneurs like Nakhumicha Leah is commendable. By providing targeted training and skills in business and ICT, Kyusa is enabling individuals like Leah to grow their businesses and realize their full potential. Kyusa’s commitment to nurturing small businesses is not only transforming livelihoods but also contributing to the economic growth of communities.