I am passionate about helping vulnerable people


Meet Katushabe Macline, a 27-year-old entrepreneur who runs a retail shop and sells firewood and pancakes in Kimanya B, Masaka. Her driving force is to achieve her dream of helping vulnerable people and also meeting her basic needs. Her passion for helping vulnerable people led her to start this business. Thanks to the Kyusa Business plus ICT program, she has been able to identify her customers and reposition her business to serve them better.

Macline on her shop

In her own words…

My name is Katushabe Macline, and I am a 27-year-old business owner in Kimanya B, Masaka. My retail shop sells a variety of items, including firewood, and I also started selling pancakes to increase my revenue streams. My dream has always been to help vulnerable people, and starting this business was my way of achieving that while also meeting my own basic needs.

In the beginning, I wasn’t very focused on my customers’ needs. I would only bring in items that I personally wanted in the shop, without much consideration for what my customers might want. But then, I had the opportunity to attend Kyusa Business Plus ICT program, and it changed everything for me.

Through the program, I learned how to understand who my customers are and position my business to serve them better. I started to pay attention to what my customers wanted and what items were in high demand, and I began to stock my shop accordingly. This change made a huge difference in the success of my business.

But it wasn’t just the customer-focused approach that helped me grow my business. The program also taught me how to have multiple revenue streams, which is why I started selling pancakes. This additional business has been a game-changer for me, bringing in more revenue and customers than ever before.

The impact of the Kyusa program has been tremendous, not just for me but for my community as well. My business has grown significantly, and I have been able to help more vulnerable people in the area. I am grateful to Kyusa for giving me the knowledge and skills to take my business to the next level.

I would strongly encourage other women with struggling businesses to attend Kyusa trainings. The skills and knowledge gained from the program can make all the difference in achieving success and reaching your dreams.

Macline attending to a customer


Kyusa has been instrumental in empowering young entrepreneurs in Uganda to realize their full potential. With their innovative training programs, they have equipped many individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their businesses. Through personalized coaching and mentorship, Kyusa has helped entrepreneurs identify their target markets, develop revenue models, and implement effective marketing strategies. As a result, many businesses have grown and expanded, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the economic growth of their communities. Kyusa’s impact has been felt across Uganda, and their commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs continues to inspire and drive change.