Second-year finance student turns passion into a business

My name is Nakayiza Shamim, and I am a second-year student at Victorious University, pursuing a course in Banking and Finance. Alongside my studies, I also run a tailoring business in Katanga where I sell handmade bathing sponges, dresses, bags, and other items. The journey to where I am today hasn’t been easy, but Kyusa’s Business Plus ICT program has been the turning point in my entrepreneurial journey.

After completing high school, I faced numerous challenges in finding a job. Fueled by my passion for tailoring, I enrolled in a vocational institute, Kid Club Kampala Ewaffe Project, where I obtained a tailoring certificate. However, I realized that to truly thrive in the market, I needed more business knowledge and ideas.

Working for different people only led to stress and minimal pay for my services. I yearned for a better working environment that would enable me to start my own business. That’s when Kyusa came into my life, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the impact it has had on my business.

Initially, I had hoped for financial support, but what I gained from Kyusa far surpassed monetary assistance. The program completely transformed my perspective. The knowledge I acquired was priceless and served as a solid foundation for the success of my tailoring business. The best part? It was all provided free of charge, and the CL (Community Leader) showed genuine concern by even visiting our workplaces to check on our progress.

Through the guidance of the CL, I learned how to create additional revenue streams within my small business, leveraging the environment around me. Group discussions and interactions with fellow girls and women entrepreneurs were empowering. We shared ideas, exchanged insights, and built confidence in speaking up. The pride stories shared during the program allowed me to reflect on my past achievements, failures, strengths, and weaknesses, ultimately enlightening me and fueling my growth.

One crucial lesson I learned was the art of effective self and business marketing. Armed with this knowledge, I have witnessed a transformation in how I reach out to customers, irrespective of their personalities. The program also opened my eyes to the possibilities of starting other small businesses within my industry, leveraging the limited funds I had. Now, I am equipped with the skills and strategies needed to compete and succeed in the future.

I am incredibly grateful to Kyusa for bringing such an insightful program to our community. The daily improvement in my business is a testament to the impact of the Business Plus ICT program. To all the girls and women with small businesses in the ghetto, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seize this opportunity. Kyusa has changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey of growth and success.