Environmentalist turns into a successful beautician

In a world of perpetual transformation, Yvette Veve Murangira’s story stands out as a testament to the endless possibilities of human potential. This is a tale of a woman who started with dreams that painted the world green and eventually found her canvas in the colors of beauty.

Yvette’s early life was dedicated to environmental causes, a passion so intense that she pursued a master’s degree in the subject. Over the years, her fervor led her to several accomplishments, marking her name among notable environmentalists. Yet, amidst all the accolades and success, there was an inexplicable void that even her significant achievements couldn’t fill.

In 2017, Yvette’s interaction with Dr. Noeline became the turning point of her life. It was a moment of introspection, a deep dive into her desires and aspirations. Beneath the surface of an environmentalist lay a beautician yearning to break free.

Drawn from memories of her mother, an epitome of grace and elegance, Yvette recalled the hours she’d spent absorbing the art of beauty. The time had come to blend her innate talent with the knowledge she needed to flourish in this new world. Joining the Kyusa business incubator program in 2018, she equipped herself with the tools to transform her passion into a profitable venture.

Her transition from green to glam wasn’t smooth sailing. The beauty industry, with its glitz and competition, posed its challenges. But Yvette, with her determination, carved her niche. Two years into her journey, she realized that innovation was the key to differentiation. Her fascination with semi-permanent makeup became her unique selling proposition.

Delving deep into the intricacies of semi-permanent makeup, Yvette undertook training in Nairobi, ensuring she equipped herself with unmatched skills. Upon her return, she not only introduced this specialized service but also curated a range of high-quality beauty products that mirrored her commitment to excellence.

Today, Yvette stands tall as a beacon in Uganda’s beauty industry. Her focus on semi-permanent makeup for both women and men has disrupted traditional beauty norms, showcasing her innovative spirit. From an environmentalist to a beautician, her journey is an inspiration for many.

At Kyusa, we’re proud to have been a part of Yvette’s incredible transformation. She is a living testament to the adage that it’s never too late to chase your dreams or change your path. Her story reminds us that the only constant is change, and the true essence of life lies in embracing it.

Yvette Veve Murangira is not just a name. She’s a symbol of relentless pursuit, of dreams reimagined, and of a future that holds boundless promise. As her story unfolds, we stand by, cheering her on, certain that her best chapters are yet to be written.