2nd Business Study Trip Commences In Nairobi

Kyusa organised a five-day practical business study trip for Kyusa alumni engaged in a baking business to learn technical and business skills from an award winning cake business entrepreneur based in Nairobi by the names of – Cake Culture (http://www.cakeculture.in/). 

The group of  set off on Sunday 15th September 2019 for Nairobi and arrived safely the next morning. They are all settled in and the training has started officially.

This is the second business study trip that Kyusa is facilitating. The first one took place in May 2019 and was tailored for artisans in the shoe making business where they had practical learning sessions with one of the leading local producers in Nairobi that is selling globally. Based on the success of the first trip, we decided to organise a couple of more business study trips and this one is the second one for this year and will possibly be the last one till next year. Moving forward, our intention is to facilitate at least three business study trips annually.

Goal and Objectives of the business study trips:

The goal of the study trips is to equip start-up entrepreneurs with technical and business skills that can enable them grow and scale.

Specific objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate peer learning experiences among entrepreneurs in the region
  2. Provide networking opportunities for early start-ups to scale operations
  3. Facilitate peer mentoring among start-ups
  4. Enhance skills development that ensures business growth
  5. Increase brand visibility for start-up in the East African Region

Target Outcomes

The specific outcomes are:-

  • Participants acquire new skills they can apply to their businesses
  • Participants gain new business skills to enable them scale
  • Increased business networks
  • Strengthen collaboration among peer businesses
  • Acquisition of fundraising and investment skills

For the longest time, business study trips have been deemed for medium and large scale enterprises because they tend to have the budget but we are here to challenge that status quo. As we work towards building a strong East African Community, we want to empower early startup entrepreneurs to leverage the opportunities that this merger provides. 

We also appeal to other accelerators and incubators in the region to open up to host as well as partner with us to provide more exchange and learning opportunities. We are also open to collaborating with other players that want to be hosted in Uganda.

Inevitably we aspire to scale these business trips to the African continent and eventually to global exchange trips for early startups. We need partners at all levels to make this a reality and you can be part of this movement.