KMA Advocates Case Study

The Problem: KMA has been in existence for over 10 years, providing legal representation across a wide range of practice areas. During Covid the firm recognized it needed to pivot as revenue and new client acquisition was decreasing, but also realized it did not have a strategic plan in place to guide that transformation.

Due Diligence: Kyusa was brought in to do a full diagnosis of their business. We worked to validate KMA’s mission, vision and core values, and to articulate their culture. With founding partners having exited the firm, and documentation not as robust as it could have been, we saw an opportunity to be thoughtful about directing the company’s future path.

The Work: Kyusa consultants worked with KMA to construct a set of strategic thematic areas that could be focused on for the next 3 years, as well as dedicated time and energy to building an annual plan. We made recommendations with regards to their marketing elements, including helping update their website for accuracy and ensuring their branding and overviews were up to date and consistent.

Results: As a result of this project with Kyusa, KMA Advocates was able to articulate their revenue goals – how they’d make their money and reduce their costs and increase profit margins. In a recent quarterly review, they noted they were hitting milestones and targets, and also their brand visibility had greatly improved because they are being intentional about being in particular networks. This strategic invention by Kyusa helped KMA grow revenue and also active engagement with prospects, as they saw the most inbound calls in recent history.

“Kyusa helped us to have a more focused future outlook, which brought us clarity in the work we are doing today for our clients.”

– Herbert KIGGUNDO mugerwa
managing Partner, KMA ADVOCates

Wrap Up: This success is all born out of the confidence KMA now has internally related to where they are doing and what they want to achieve. They are no longer just a group of people working together, but a team pulling in the same direction because they have a clear strategic mandate.