Flip Consultants Case Study

The Problem: Flip Consultants is a decade old tax advisory firm that recognized they were operating now, the same way they had when they were a start-up. They’d grown to handle work for large enterprises, but had not done a strategic review of its own in over 5 years. It was experiencing high turnover in its employees.

Due Diligence: Kyusa was brought in to help put processes in place for a growing company that lacked the time to codify internal systems and orchestration needed to continue to grow in revenue and impact. Better understanding of Flip’s strategy and how to bring it life was needed to inspire and motivate their employees.

The Work: Kyusa consultants worked with Flip Consultant’s management team to create human resources operational guidelines and documentation. Over the course of 3 weeks, XX employees were interviewed. This allowed a detailed process map to be constructed, allowing all the different groups of workers to better comprehend how their contribution to the business was valuable.

Results: Through its work with Kyusa, Flip Consultants was able to streamline their operations – optimizing it to deliver the best work for its clients. The internal process mapping gave clarity of role to all of Flip’s current employees, and allowed the organization to more successfully construct job recs with which to recruit new team members. Now, if someone leaves Flip for a new opportunity there is a robust understanding of what they contributed and how to backfill, leading management to feel in better control of the firm’s future. All these process improvements have lead to higher morale among Flip Consultant’s workforce, and greater productivity for the organization.

“The Kyusa team are a pleasure to work with and always deliver to an exceptionally high standard. They will challenge your thinking, provide you with alternative perspectives, and where appropriate actively mentor / coach / advise you to generate solutions.”

Wilber Nuwamanya
Managing Director, FLIP CONSULTANTS

Wrap Up: A transformation for an organization is rooted in empowering its people. In working with Flip Consultants to bring clarity of process and purpose, we collectively inspired a change in their organization and their future. Kyusa can help your organization position itself for what’s next in this ever-changing environment.