Food Line Produce Ltd, A Start Up Story


This is Brian Kaweebe. He is a student at YMCA Kampala in his final year and also owns a business called FOOD LINE PRODUCE where he sells Groundnut paste and Rice. He came up with the business’ name after going through our Kyusa training. He had always had a passion for the production of food since he was a young child and had hoped to own his own business at some point, but was propelled to start when his educational aspirations came to a stand still.

Brian started out in business by selling jack fruit which was in abundance at that time. He had the desire to continue with his higher education after completing high school but had no sponsor so he decided to figure out income generating ideas that could help him raise tuition. He tried working for people, but the working conditions did not favor his school schedule so he opted to start his own business that would enable him to continue his studies and allow him to work simultaneously.

“I went through the Kyusa five-day business start-up training which was very enlightening. I learnt so much about myself, my business and how to strategically position myself in the market place. It is through the training that I was able to come up with a business name and went on to register my business. I am now empowered to run business professionally and have plans and strategies on how I can scale up.”

Founder, food line produce ltd

in his own words

“As a result of the training, I decided to focus on grain and food produce distribution rather than the fruits, which are seasonal. Kyusa taught me to understand who my customers are and position my business to service them. I am grateful that I now supply about 90% of restaurants in Wandegeya (Kampala suburb). Kyusa has been very supportive of my business. When I shared my struggle in making deliveries to customers, I was given a bicycle for transportation. This has saved me the cost of spending so much on transport, I don’t have to spend anything, and I can deliver to the farthest distances by cycling there.”

“Thanks to the Kyusa training, I acquired negotiating and partnership building skills. I was able to convince a friend to keep my tools and products in his store and in return I help him deliver to his customers. I serve as a delivery man and thanks to my bicycle, I get paid for my services.”

“I am positive about my future and aspire to grow my business into a business food supply store in the next three years as well as scale up to have distribution points in different districts in Uganda in the next ten years. Kyusa opened my eyes to the possibilities and now I am look forward to the future with hope. I will be finishing my course by the end of this year and will then fully concentrate on growing my business.”

“I encourage all young people who have viable business ideas to sign up for the Kyusa training’s and be equipped with skills on how to successfully start and grow your businesses. Kyusa is a family, they walk the journey with you and the alumni are very supportive of each other. I know I never have to walk alone, because I have the Kyusa family to walk with me through life. You too can be part of this family by signing up for one of their trainings.”


We, at Kyusa, are proud that we were able to assist Brian in his journey to open and build a thriving food delivery business. It is drive like his that will power the new economy here in Uganda.

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