How To Build Partnerships

This article is inspired by Laws of Attraction (LOA) by Michael J. Losier. In chapter three, the book focuses on how to create business partnerships.  According to, A partnership is the relationship between two or more people to do trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and shares in the profits and losses of the business.

However, for the purposes of this article, we are focusing on partnerships in general not just in business since partnerships can be developed for different purposes like community organisations, universities, corporations, marriage, friendships and religious bodies. People get into partnerships and collaborations for a wide range of reasons.

Partnerships according to Ugandan author Moses Mukisa in his book, Called to Greatness, are heroes God has prepared beforehand to stand with you through thick and thin. These people are ordained for you, for the vision you carry to help you in your call to greatness. These people understand your vision and goals. They have what it takes to help you move them to another level. They have the right connections to propel you forward.

Tips on how to build partnerships:

Have a vision which is clear to you and ultimately clear to other people as well. You ought to guarantee clarity for those you are seeking partnerships with and from. If it is vague, then it will be vague for others too and they will probably not join you. Know where you are going for you will easily identify your heroes for the journey ahead.

Identify why you need a partner before getting into a partnership. When the vision is clear, it will be easy to identify the right people to get into partnership with. During this process, the people involved should set clear expectations. What do they want the other person/organization to do when they come on board? The other party will know whether to say yes to the expectations or not.


focus red word and conceptual target with arrow reflect on white background

Focus. In The Law of Attraction, the author endlessly echoes the need for Focus. As you focus on what you need for a business, marriage, or organisation to work out, you attract the right resources. Being focused on your vision, will bring it to accomplishment with the right people and at the right time. Focus gives you a single mind and therefore you catch sight of resources easily with no distractions. This also stems from knowing what you need for your business, who you need, when you need them and how they will be of help. This applies to all resources needed for the business to take off or change direction.

Set goals. Goal setting is an important aspect of life and keeps you in check. You work towards achieving any goal that you have set. Set SMART goals. Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Do not set ambiguous goals. Your heroes will desire to see SMART goals. Goals they can relate with and thus help you achieve.

Visualization; see yourself achieving your goals, and vision and forming the right partnerships while at it. It is important to see the end in mind because it inspires and encourages you. Above all, it reminds you that all things are possible if you believe. See yourself where you want to go for example see yourself building partnerships you want to build, making the money you want to make, hiring the right people for your company, and traveling to the right places for the right workshops and conferences. All that is made possible because you attract what you see.

 Apply honesty and transparency to all negotiations and meetings. Let these two virtues guide you in all dealings. Do not hide things from people. Do not tell half-truths. Give all information as it is.

 Go out and network.  Networking facilitates the forming of new and vibrant relationships with people because among them you just might be aligned with your heroes. Visit new places like restaurants, orphanages, hotels, churches, and homes. Attend trainings, conferences, concerts, and workshops where you`re bound to meet new people. Socialize with a goal in mind. Enjoy the party for once without the company of your phone and virtual friend. You might catch yourself having a transforming conversation with your next hero for your business, school project, and idea generation. Be present when you go out to any space. Partnerships can be struck in the most unlikely places.

Partnerships are crucial to building and sustaining businesses, lifetime friendships and so much more. Apply these tips in building partnerships in any area of your life and business today.