Tips For Starting A Cleaning Business In Uganda

Are you looking to start a cleaning business? Today, Carolyn Kalanzi, Founder of GGz Cleaning Services company shares some tips and lessons on how to start a cleaning business.

According to Law Insider, Cleaning services means a business which renders the service of general cleaning of premises such as shops, offices and residential places including household goods such as carpets, sofas and curtains for a fee.

Now that we know what a cleaning business is, let`s dive into the tips and lessons from Carolyn Kalanzi who runs a successful business in Uganda:

  • The first tip is to be Passionate. Passion is the number one driver and motivation to keep one building their cleaning business from one level to the next. Please be truly passionate and sold out about anything cleaning.
  • Do the first things first. Once you have a Name, Register the company, open a bank account and look for business when all your documents are in order. You may not have an office at the beginning but at least you need to be legally registered to run a business. This will attract credible clients.
  • Research about the business, look up great books about cleaning and follow people running successful cleaning businesses. There are so many resources on YouTube that one can learn from before starting. Avail yourself to learn as much as you can and never stop learning. There’s always something new to learn that will take you to the next level.
  • Have a Budget. List all your start-up needs in order of priority, draw a budget and work with it.
  • Seek help. Consult consult consult. Don’t do things blindly.
  • Get knowledge. I wish I knew about business coaching and mentorship programs when I was starting out. These are the number one steerers of business growth. So they shared much knowledge and insight in these spaces to scale any business on earth.
  • Set up systems. I struggled with the lack of systems in place to facilitate the smooth running of the business. This caused stagnation of work because when I was not available nothing could be done.
  • Build a financial discipline. Lack of financial discipline was such a challenge for me. I used to mix personal money with business money. This surely gets in the way of business growth because you fail to plan for investments and to grow and maintain business capital.
  • Identify your niche. Not knowing what my niche was, was a great challenge. It got me working all over the place and wasting time on people who were not my customers. This way one gets cheated because the wrong customer isn’t willing to pay the worth of your services and it definitely stalls and cripples the growth of the company. Even in the cleaning business, identify your niche and stick to it.
  • And lastly, Love people. Both the clients and your working team. The business revolves around people. If you don’t love people, you will not serve them well and you will not be motivated to create clean spaces for them. As for your workers, if you don’t love them you will hinder their service delivery.

About GGz Cleaning Services

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