I thought my business would work itself


Nankabirwa Alice owns a stationery shop in Kalangala. She has been running her business in an informal way that doesn’t guarantee sustainable output or a solid competitive advantage. She took it for granted that having a business would automatically guarantee positive results whether she put in the right effort or not.

In her won words…

“My Name is Nankabirwa Alice, I have been Opening my shop at any time I feel like. I never knew that I have to take 100% responsibility for whatever is done in my business. I lacked the values and principles to run the business. Kyusa came in with the business training and I wanted to know how to generate more income so I attended the classes. I have been able to discover my dependable strength such that I can integrate them into my business. I also learnt how to position myself to gain a competitive advantage. I now know the features and benefits of different services and products in my business. After setting up my mission and vision, I have discovered that I have to actively set values and principles which in the long run will guarantee my business’s success and sustainability. I thank Kyusa people for the free business knowledge offered to me.”


In partnership with Digital Opportunity Trust, we are able to offer the Business Plus ICT program free of charge to the beneficiaries. Our commitment is to strengthen youth-led businesses at the grassroots to be able to thrive so they can create more jobs for youth in those respective communities. You can be a part of this great work in one way or another, just inbox us about how you think we can work together.