I started my business to show off & earn respect


Abdul Karim Mukisa, a goat farmer. He started his goat business with the sole intention of growing it so he can earn respect from people in his community. Having a large herd is a sign of great wealth so he kept all the goats even the old ones that should have been sold off. He was constantly injecting money into his business but had little to nothing to show for his investment. He was getting frustrated because despite having a good number of goats; he was constantly low on cash and that prompted him to sign up for the Business Plus ICT program.

In his own words…

“I used to rear goats such that time comes when I am having a big herd. In the community culture I grew up in, I would be called a hardworking man because of that. Kyusa mobilized us and trained us on Business plus ICT on how businesses are done in the 21st century. I discovered I have been wasting a lot of my resources without realizing a return on investment. I was tying down my working capital for a long period because I was not selling some of the old goats. Am glad that I can now maintain my cultural aspirations while making some profits.”


At Kyusa, we understand that different communities have different beliefs and norms. Through our baseline research, we designed our programs in a way that we can integrate them into these settings to empower youth to rise above the poverty line without disregarding the cultural norms they treasure. We are committed to empowering youth to build sustainable businesses that can drive economic growth at the grassroots and create more jobs.