A single mother of six educating her children by selling brewed alcohol


As the saying goes, never underestimate the power of humble beginnings. Adeke has been able to single-handedly educate her children from her brewing business.

30-year-old mother Alice Adeke had always dreamed of being a teacher who would impact the lives of as many people. Although she hasn’t been able to attain this dream, she regrets less but thanks God for the skill of Brewing that has enabled her to educate 6 children with one at the university.

In her own words…

Unlike other people I did not struggle starting up this business because I already had the skill which I learnt from my mother in the earlier years. “Growing up as a child, I watched my mother work hard in her brewing business in order to provide the basic needs at home. In 2018 life started to toughen after my mother fell sick. It was at this point that I realized I needed to start brewing in order to support my mother, grandmother and other siblings.

Among some of the pressing challenges, I face in this brewing business are customers that consume alcohol and fail to pay up.

 My greatest advice to the young people out there especially women is to take advantage of their skills and passions in order to make a living.”


Adeke admits that although she was skeptical about attending the Kyusa trainings, she has benefited a lot from the program.  According to her, the customer discovery module stood out the most especially because she had never conceptualized the fact that meeting the customer’s pain points can be a strategy to stand out in any business. Adeke explains that many other women in her neighborhood do the same business however in most cases they ignore aspects like good hygiene, good customer care and quality alcohol which are some of the customer’s pain points. She appreciates Kyusa facilitators for the additional knowledge and skills that she intends to incorporate into her brewing business.

When we empower women, we not only improve their quality of life but also shape the lives of their children and grandchildren. When we empower women to thrive, we help break the cycle of poverty in families and communities..