Primary school teacher turns to business for sustenance


Namubiru Sarah is a 36yr old professional primary teacher living in Tororo town. She was operating a chapati business when we first met her. One of our Community Leaders had gone to buy chapatis and happened to interact with Sarah about her business. Sarah shared the positives and the challenges in her business and it was evident that the challenges were outweighing the positives. The community leader then informed her about Kyusa and the training in Business Plus ICT. She expounded on the benefits of attending the KYUSA training and how those benefits would help her overcome some of the business challenges. From what the community leader said, Sarah felt that the training would help her business a lot and she decided to signup for the training.

In her own words…

I started the business of chapati making because I wanted to be self-employed and to be near my family, instead of being a teacher where you are bound to transfers. In running my business, I have not been minding about the profits and losses that I make because I did not know how to calculate them, and I did not have a business vision or goals. From 2018 when I started up to 2022, the business has been stuck and I had no thoughts of expanding it by adding in a variety of products. When I interacted with Kyusa, I felt it necessary to attend the Kyusa training which I did.

From the training, I learnt many things including; how to increase the profits, how to discover customers and customer care and most especially how to calculate the profits and losses. This has helped my business grow from only dealing in chapati to also making pancakes, selling soft drinks and operating a small restaurant. I thank KYUSA very much for this program because it is a blessing to many business people.


From the month of July when KYUSA trainings were started in Tororo, many business actors who have attended the trainings in Business Plus ICT are appreciating the knowledge and skills acquired during the trainings and during the follow-up. It is evident that most of them are trying to implement the knowledge and the skills obtained and are experiencing growth in their businesses. The Kyusa program is transforming the lives and mindsets of many business actors and owners.