I doubled my business customers & staff in just one month


Nyapendi Christine is a businesswoman dealing in Saloon within the town center near Tororo Municipal Council Offices; she began her saloon business in 2018 from the corner trading center, western division and later relocated to where she is currently operating. She is a happily married woman with 4 children. We approached her about the KYUSA program whose main objective is empowering young business people, especially women through training using a designed curriculum and modules. She bought the idea and welcomed it; she showed an interest in learning and getting more knowledge about business since she was experiencing some challenges with her business, especially in customer care, her customers locating her, as well as having poor saving skills.

Christine and the new ladies she is working with

In her own words…

The training in Business Plus ICT especially under the modules of reaching out to our customers and how to save by the facilitator from KYUSA program positively impacted my life. They trained us on various topics but the most outstanding topic for me was how to handle my customers (customer care), how to identify my customers(customer discovery) and the importance of saving. Although I was doing my business before the Kyusa program, the training has really changed my ways of doing business more so on how to handle my customers which was an enormous challenge to me. Simple things like how to make my customers locate me easily by having signposts and even having the business name have had a huge impact on my business.

After the training especially on customer discovery, customer care and on the importance of saving, I was in position to acquire a signpost having the name of happy sisters beauty saloon to show the location of my business to my customers. The number of customers has increased from 5 to12 for both ladies and gents per day which was not there before the training of KYUSA.

I managed to add one more shaving machine, and towels since the number of customers have increased. I have also increased on the number of workers from one person to now three people -that is to say,1 man and 2 ladies and all these were the achievements I got through the KYUSA training programs. Currently am doing well and have plans of modifying my saloon for example buying television in my saloon and carpet to make my saloon look better.”


We are passionate about small businesses because they are the backbone of grassroots communities. When we empower small businesses like the one for Christine that serve low-income communities, we not only foster business growth but accelerate the creation of jobs. The possibility of decent jobs in their communities saves youth from trafficking in search of greener pastures/ opportunities. We believe grassroots communities have the capacity to create their own jobs if we support the businesses in these communities to thrive.