Engineer turns to food business after losing his job


This is Henry Waswa Senongo, a resident of Masaka’s Kyalugo Village. Henry is married and has one daughter. He is a professional engineer. Henry’s job was affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and he was unable to fully support his family; he then began to consider ways to increase his income, and this is when he discovered a passion for cooking; he thus chose to open a restaurant in his area. This seemed too risky given that the area is rural and most of the people who work there are also residents, implying that the majority of them eat at home. In fact, the trading center had one restaurant, which appeared to be sufficient for the area, but he took a risk and started his business in January 2021, and despite the challenges, it is progressing, and it is for these challenges that he embraced the kyusa training.

In his own words…

As a result of the training, I was able to understand customer segmentation, identify my customers, and position myself in line with their pain points in order to better serve them. This has resulted in a 5% increase in my business income.

Kyusa training has taught me that customers are the number one priority in my business. Previously, I did not seek customer feedback and could simply ignore those who spoke to me negatively about my business. Since learning this secret, I’ve been able to keep my customers and gain more, as opposed to before, when I used to do what I wanted rather than what the customers wanted. Customers buy what they want rather than what I have. Seeking customer feedback has assisted me in identifying my weaknesses and working on them to improve my business.

I was able to put up a poster on my business after the training, which I had not planned on doing because I thought it was something minor, but now I see the importance of it. Unlike before, I can now easily direct someone to my business, and people can also place orders by copying the number from the business poster without having to rush to the restaurant.

I urge all young people who have businesses or are planning to start businesses to enroll in kyusa training so that they can gain viable business skills that will help them thrive in the business world. Kyusa trainings are a boost that allows dreams to come true.


Kyusa is dedicated to empowering youth on the outskirts of society to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and goals through tailored business training and coaching. We catalyze economic growth at the community and national levels by assisting youth entrepreneurs in the informal sector.