Kenyan producer establishes his business in Uganda


Israel Isaac, also known as “One Spirit,” is a music producer based in Soroti City West. He has been working as a producer for about seven years, having begun his career in Kenya and eventually returning to Uganda. As a newcomer to the area, he faced a challenge in that a few community members recognized him as a producer, leaving him with only a few artists to serve. Even within the country, he had a small number of people who knew him for who he is.

In his own words…

I’ve been in the production industry for a while, but I never spent much time thinking about how to raise awareness of myself, the studio, and the best services offered.
I learned about Kyusa Uganda from a friend who took me there and we shared the class and sessions we went through. What I learned there was really big and good, and I majored in advertising. These classes greatly aided me in seeing how to broaden my range of creating awareness. I advertised on social media, WhatsApp Groups, and my Facebook page, and I also went to radio stations for shows, which has greatly helped me expand the number of artists I have so far.

I want to thank Kyusa for this wonderful opportunity, and I believe we need more of them so that we can help others develop as well, because there is a lot that we need to do in order to grow in business in the area where we are.
Thank you so much for your leadership at Kyusa!
Thank you very much, and God bless you!


Kyusa is committed to assisting young entrepreneurs in succeeding because youth account for more than 70% of our population and are quickly becoming the most powerful force in job creation. By assisting young entrepreneurs, we not only enable them to thrive, but also to create more jobs for their peers in the communities they serve. Our work has a significant impact on community transformation and economic development.