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Business Training

We deliver training sessions for founders and leaders of all kinds so they might understand and find their potential and the potential in others to unlock the success for which they strive.

Business Coaching

We provide coaching for start-ups who have begun their journey, and need assistance so they might see a path to revenue, growth and scale.

Business Consulting

We are committed to contributing to the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem in Uganda, including providing consulting services to help growing companies improve their strategies, processes and mindset.

Start-Up Story

This is Cissy Naginda, a young businesswoman who runs a store in the Ndegeya Trading Center. Back in 2016, her husband abandoned her and her child, but Cissy persevered. She got a job and saved as much money as possible. Then, she enrolled in weekend courses to earn a certificate in food and nutrition so she could run a food store. After opening it, Cissy attended Kyusa trainings. The learnings helped her identify her customers and their needs better, which positioned her to  better serve them. This has led to a 60% increase in revenue for her business and allows her to pay herself a salary.

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The Business Plus ICT program, facilitated by 20 community leaders serving in 7 districts of Uganda, has been making a significant impact on the lives of young entrepreneurs and women in the region.

Upcoming Trainings

Talent Management 3rd-4th May

Facilitation Skills 7th-8th June

Work-Life Balance 21st-22nd June

Case Study

In 2021, Kyusa was brought in by KMA Advocates to assist the firm as they understood they needed to pivot due to Covid. Kyusa did a full business diagnosis, and worked to validate their mission and vision and core values and articulate their culture. As a result of this engagement, KMA’s brand visibility has greatly improved. They grew revenue and engagement with their marketing, which led to increased confidence internally.

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