6 inspirational social media accounts to follow as an entrepreneur in Uganda.

As an entrepreneur, it is very important that you keep growing in knowledge, understanding and skills. Learning is endless no matter the level one is at. There is always something new to learn. Today, we share with you some Ugandan entrepreneurs you can follow on social media for inspiration on how to grow your business:

Dr.Eunice Adubango of Eunie`s Kitchen 

Dr.Adubango currently runs three locations of Eunie`s Kitchen in Mukono, Kasangati and Bweyogerere. ‘Eunie`s Kitchen Ltd is a team of highly professional motivated individuals whose desire is to see an increased appreciation of tasty healthy organic Ugandan cuisines both at home and world over. In business since 2015, this company cooks three types of food: soul food (inspirational music), mind food (inspirational books) and food for the body (Ugandan local cuisine with signature recipes). ’-Eunie`s Kitchen 

She runs a YouTube channel where she shares business nuggets to equip entrepreneurs. Her content gives tips on how to hire the right people, how to skill your people, how to grow your business, what is killing your business, giving staff authority, staff reporting relationships and so much more. The content on this channel cuts across starter/emerging, mid and already established entrepreneurs.

“Before you start interviewing people in your business, write down the things you need, then advertise.’’How to hire the best talent, Dr.Eunice Adubango

Amos Wekesa 

Amos Wekesa`a name is synonymous with Tourism in Uganda. He is the proprietor of Great Lakes Safaris, Uganda Lodges Ltd, MV Kazinga, Pela Commodities Ltd.  Across his social media (Twitter and Facebook), he is constantly sharing business nuggets through his life and business stories. He desires to see young people take charge of their lives through business and be well-rounded individuals.

“Networking isn`t just about taking like most people seem to assume. It`s mainly about sharing! Have something to offer others!’’-Amos Wekesa, Twitter, 20th July 2022.

Joy Akatukunda

She is a force to reckon with in the Digital Marketing arena. She has carved out a niche in Social Media Marketing which enables her to help creators and small business owners to grow and monetize their brands. 

If you want your brand to stand out, please follow Joy on Twitter for tips. She also has free ebooks that can ground you and your business.

‘Before you share a piece of content, ask yourself..

Who is my audience?

What does my audience need?

Will this content be valuable to them?

Is it actionable?

Is it easy to consume? Unless you answer these, your content will hit a wall and not achieve its goals.’ –Joy Akatukunda, Twitter, 21st July 2022

Visit her website for more information.

Robert Kabushenga

If you know The New Vision, then you know Robert Kabushenga. He was the CEO from 2006-2021. He created the 360 mentor space in 2021 at the height of COVID-19. Since its inception, the space has hosted just about everyone across all sectors of fashion, lifestyle, STEM, Fitness, Fintech, banking, media, business, entertainment, Theatre, education, etc.

The space has evolved and offers 3-month fellowships twice a year for professionals in all walks of life: from young professionals to seasoned experts. The fellowship is hybrid in nature (physical and virtual learning).

We recommend this space because of the versatility it brings through the people hosted.

Follow @_360mentor on Twitter and visit the website.

Flavia Tumusiime 

Flavia Tumusiime is synonymous with TV and Radio in Uganda. Through her YouTube channel where she aims to empower and equip young people, she will help you grow your brand as an entrepreneur. Your brand matters. 

Her content answers questions like: how much do you want for your time and services? How to read, speak and negotiate contracts. How do you position yourself in the market? How do you want to be remembered? How much do you want to be paid? What is your value? Grow yourself as a person aka personal development. It is imperative that you be all-around encompassing as you build a personal brand.

Dr. Noeline Kirabo

The list would be incomplete without Dr.Noeline Kirabo. Away from empowering youth in slums in Uganda through Kyusa, she empowers young women through the New Generation Mentoring Program and CWEN. Both programmes are geared toward developing women in all facets of life.

Through her social media platforms, she shares about personal branding, purpose, vision, mission, passion, leadership and personal development, networking, how to be productive, etc. She also runs a YouTube channel that is a practical guide to becoming a better you.

Remember, learning from others will keep your fuel metre high and lead to the growth and improvement of you as a person and your business.