Books by Ugandan Entrepreneurs That We Recommend

 According to PDA,` leaders are readers because they want to keep the best business concepts in the forefront of their thoughts. Like anyone else, leaders must be exposed to new and thoughtful ideas. The key is to choose books that are insightful.’

Established Ugandan entrepreneurs have written books that we wish every entrepreneur reads. The books cover personal stories, money matters, faith and business, mistakes they made and how they shaped them, and business tips.

Double Your Money: Reflections on the Life of a Ugandan Agro Businessman by Aga Sekalala Snr (2019)

When reading biographies like Double Your Money, the authors share their challenges in business and personal life, and how they solved them and therein provide the reader with lessons. 

Aga Sekalala, Snr has quietly established himself over the last 40 years as a top agro-processor.- The New Vision

`Double Your Money will give you many lessons you need to win: How do you start a business? How do you run an agribusiness? What is the role of luck in your business journey? How do you handle family dynamics and succession in the business? And how do you choose your next big investment? And why it is not advisable to start a business for which you lack knowledge and networks.’- Mustapha B Mugisha

Buy Double Your Money from Aristoc booklex in Kampala or Amazon.

The Story of an African Entrepreneur by Gordon BK Wavamuno (Wavah Books, 2000)

This exceptionally well-written story shows you the resilience it takes to be a successful businessman, and the tenacity it takes to bounce back after one’s business is almost destroyed by the unfortunate events unfolding during the tumultuous periods of our country – plagued by coups and war and messy government and more war.-Oscar Ranzo

Straightforward Financial Growth (SFFG) by Moses Mukisa (2018)

Zimbabwean blogger, Beaton, in his review of SFFG, said, ‘Straight forward financial growth is a systematic step-by-step approach toward financial growth and bible-based wealth creation.’

Straightforward Financial Growth is a practical guide to understanding and growing your cashflows as a person and also as a business. It is tailored to the Ugandan context and thus easy to read. 

Buy SFFG from bookshops in Kampala at ugx 50,000 and Amazon.

I am Not Sorry for My Mistakes: My Reflections and Lessons on Business, Money and People by Dickson Mushabe (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015)

Dickson Mushabe is the co-founder and CEO of Hostalite Ltd. One of the leading Web Hosting, Design and Software Development companies in Uganda, East Africa.

`In “I Am Not Sorry For My Mistakes”, Dickson Mushabe traces his business journey from being a naive young student to an adult troubled by the desire to build his own business. He shares his struggles, offering crucial insights into the experiences that led to him becoming the founder and CEO of Hostalite, a leading web and IT solutions company in East Africa. Through a series of real-life stories, this book will open your mind to the fundamental principles that govern success in business.’-Review 

Visit Dickson Mushabe`s website to buy his book.

A Good African Story: How a Small Company Built a Global Coffee Brand by Andrew Rugasira. (Vintage, 2014)

`In A Good African Story, as Andrew Rugasira recounts the very personal story of his company and the challenges that he has faced – and overcome – as an African entrepreneur, he provides a tantalising glimpse of what Africa could be, and argues that trade has achieved what years of aid have failed to deliver.’-Penguin Books

Get a copy of A Good African Story from Penguin Books and Amazon.

In Relentless Pursuit: A Devotional for Women by Dr.Eunice Adubango

Dr.Eunice Adubango has been publishing the In Relentless Pursuit devotional for Women for nine years now. She gives a holistic account of business, marriage and life tips for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. The devotional is also bought by men since its wisdom is not limited to women.

‘In Relentless Pursuit is no ordinary devotional. You have an opportunity to draw from Dr.Adubango`s wealth of practical wisdom on marriage, business, parenting, prayer, cooking, friendship, financial management, and life in general.’-Racheal Kizza, blogger 

The devotional is available at all Eunie`s Kitchen restaurants in Mukono, Kasangati and Bweyogerere at UGX 50,000. It is also available at Aristoc Uganda. 

We hope that these books help you grow in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Please recommend in the comment section books by Ugandan authors that all entrepreneurs should read.